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When Democrats Attack! Part II

18 Jun

Wow!  Two altercations involving Democrat politicians in one week.  First it was Bob Etheridge (D-NC) attacking a student when he was asked if he supported Obama’s agenda.  Now two staffers of Alexi Giannoulias (D-IL), who is running for Obama’s old US Senate seat, are none too happy when they notice a videographer at their fundraiser in Washington DC.  They took it upon themselves to physically remove him.

It’s amazing to watch the media routinely warn us about the threat of violence from the “Right,” yet most of the violence and intolerance comes from the “Left.”

No word yet if MSNBC will be doing a special on the “Rise of the New Left” and their thug-like approach to dealing with people with whom they disagree.


When Democrats Attack!

14 Jun

Congressman Bob Etheridge, Democrat from North Carolina apparently does not like being asked if he supports Obama’s agenda.  Congressman Etheridge was asked on a public street whether he supported the President’s agenda. His response was to hit away a video camera and assault a student.

I wonder when we will hear Democrats, and their accomplices in the media, condemn this attack on an innocent student asking a question.  If this were a Republican, there would be a firestorm already calling for him to step down.

Another link to this can be found herehere and here, since YouTube will surely be pulling this video soon.

Crooks: Private Sector vs Government

14 Apr

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=rush+limbaugh&iid=7705161″ src=”e/4/5/b/2010_Miss_America_dd8a.jpg?adImageId=12441060&imageId=7705161″ width=”500″ height=”352″ /]

This clip is of Rush Limbaugh from April 8, 2010 talking about how fraud is “criminalized when applied to the private sector, but praised as compassion when practiced by the federal government and liberal politicians.”

(Note:  when you click on the “clip” link, it will ONLY be audio, the screen will be blank.  It takes about 5 seconds to load)


“Why is the government not held to the same standards as those of us in the private sector? By liberal policies, I mean taking money from people, lying to them about it, lying to them about what you’re actually doing, cooking the books, fixing the numbers, bribes and payoffs.  If you or I tried just one move like the Cornhusker Kickback, if you and I tried one thing in the private sector, like the Louisiana Purchase, we would be indicted and sent up to jail and made an example of.”

“The problem we have is that statism, which is this regime, takes what would otherwise be criminal behavior, and treats it as a virtue.  The media treats it as a virtue, all of this criminal behavior.  They have institutionalized fraud, and they call it progress.  And there’s no sign that it’s gonna stop.”

The transcripts of the clip can be read here.

Democrat Congressman Fears Guam May “Tip Over”

1 Apr

If you are ever sitting around wondering how our country got into such the mess it’s in, this may offer some insight.  We have fools representing us in Washington D.C.

Can you imagine if a Republican said this?

Democrat NY Governor Earmarks Almost $800K for Two Double-Wide Trailers for Conjugal Visits at Prison

23 Mar

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=trailer+home&iid=251406″ src=”0247/c6c39082-6aa5-4dd6-bc08-eb518b075f33.jpg?adImageId=11611460&imageId=251406″ width=”500″ height=”337″ /]

Governor David Paterson (D-NY) want to spend nearly $800,000 on two double-wide trailers for conjugal visits for prisoners.

“New York currently faces a $9 billion deficit.   Paterson has proposed cutting aid to schools and hospitals, closing state parks and historic sites and delaying residents’ income tax refunds to plug the hole.”

And people wonder how our country got into the economic mess we are currently experiencing.  It’s due to dangerous politicians like Governor Paterson of NY that have no problem whatsoever spending other people’s money.

This guy should be ran out of the state immediately!