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“Civility” Double Standard

1 Feb

Apparently the Washington D.C. union members did not get the memo from Obama and Democrats calling for more “civility.”  Wal-Mart has announced they are building stores in metro D.C. (Wal-mart is non-union).  In response, Wal-Mart Free D.C. organized a protest at the developer’s house. To get the word out, they created a flyer (pictured at left) that included cross hairs and the developer’s home address.  As we know, the left wasted no time blaming Sarah Palin for the Tucson, AZ shooting last month because she used cross hairs on a political map to target districts for the 2010 mid-term elections last November (I guess it doesn’t matter that Democrats have used similar target maps in the past). Democrats were outraged that Palin would use cross hairs on a political map, but did not care that a D.C. union used cross hairs on a flyer, along with the home address of their target (the developer)? Furthermore, if we use the Democrat’s logic, will any future violence that occurs at Wal-Mart be the fault of this union because they used cross hairs on their flyer?  The Blaze has more.


Stay Classy

28 Jan

I would say “can you imagine if these guys said this about a prominent female Democrat?” but there are no female….never mind!