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“Democrats are Sort of Trapped in the Past” on Voter ID Laws

19 Apr


On Wednesday night’s edition of “Special Report,” Fox News contributor and Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers said her party — the Democratic Party —is “trapped in the past” in their opposition to voter ID laws:

Since many state governments have been taken over by the Republican Party after the 2010 elections, throughout the country there has been a push to enact voter identification law. The measures have been opposed by President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice for the most part and have been played up as a potential 2012 election campaign issue.

Powers suggested that the Democratic Party explore ways to make sure everyone had an ID so they could vote, instead of opposing voter ID laws outright.

“Now today I’m just not on board with this,” Powers said. “I think it is perfectly reasonable to expect somebody to get an ID. And if they don’t have the money or the means to do it, the Democrats can start an organization that does that — that helps them go and raises the money to pay for them to get the ID, which is not that much money, and gives them the forms and tells them how to do it.”

I wrote about this idea a few weeks ago.  Who in their right mind thinks that it is unreasonable to ask American citizens to have an ID?  As I said before, if citizens cannot afford to buy an ID, Democrats should be more than happy to create a new program to buy it for them.  LORD knows they don’t have a problem giving people money for all of their other needs and wants.  Hey, maybe Obama should come out in favor of using some of the money from his so called “Buffett Rule” tax increase to make sure that all Americans have proper ID!

But we all know he won’t do that because he doesn’t want to put a stop to voter fraud, nor do any other Democrats.  Even though it has been recently proven that voter fraud is a piece of cake: