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Is Obama Black Enough?

14 Jun

In a matter of minutes on The View recently, the liberal ladies defended Bill Maher’s ridiculous racist stereotyping of black men, then immediately criticize Matt Drudge, of the Drudge Report, for perceived racist “code” words when referring to Obama.  The ladies seem perfectly ok with Maher wanting a “real black president.”  One who is willing to show up at a meeting with the BP CEO and lift up his shirt so that they can see the gun in his pants.  Whoopi Goldberg immediately covers for Maher by stating “don’t forget, he is a comic,” as though it would be ok if a non-liberal comic made that statement.  (I’d like to see Jeff Foxworthy try that one!)  When the conversation turns to Matt Drudge’s comments about Obama “going street” when referring to Obama’s “who’s ass to kick” moment with Matt Lauer, the ladies accuse Drudge of using “code” words that are “offensive.”

I’m amazed at how often liberals are willing to give a pass to one of their own for racist comments.  It is truly a matter of ideology over race to them. If you are a white liberal, there is no risk in making racist comments.  The other liberal media and politicians will circle the wagons every time.  If you are a conservative and you make racist comments, the same liberals in the media and politics will be outraged and call for immediate condemnation.  For example, Harry Reid(D-NV) can say that Obama is a “light skinned” African-American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one” and there is no outrage.  Something tells me that if Mitch McConnell said that, there would be problems.