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Duke Raises Fees to Provide Sex Change Surgery to Students

3 May

Sexual reassignment surgery for transgendered students will be covered in students’ health care plans, starting this fall:

Administrators signed a new contract with Duke’s health insurance provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, that will include up to $50,000 to cover sexual reassignment surgery, Dean of Students Sue Wasiolek confirmed. With this new coverage, she said, all vital aspects of transgender health care—counseling, hormone therapy, and surgery—are now included in students’ plans.

“The addition of sexual reassignment surgery with a $50,000 cap makes Duke’s student health care plan one of the most, if not the most, transgender-inclusive plans in the country,” said junior Sunny Frothingham, the incoming outreach chair for Blue Devils United. “This is a huge step forward for Duke”…

…The additional coverage will have a “minimal” impact on cost to students, Wasiolek said. The coverage will cause a 0.3 percent increase to student costs…

…Tobia added that this inclusion is one step to further ensure that students spanning the LGBT community feel welcome at Duke.”

Interesting.  I wonder if Duke would ever consider taking a “step to further ensure” that Conservative students feel welcome there?  I won’t hold my breath.

Yale University will now cover sex change operations as well.




Congrats to MSNBC. You’re Officially a Joke!

24 Aug

Al Sharpton officially named host of ‘Politics Nation‘ on MSNBC. Congratulations to MSNBC….you are officially a joke. You’ve given a prominent slot on your network to one of the biggest race-baiting, tax-evading, anti-semitic, morally bankrupt hacks in our nation’s history.  Let’s take a look at some of great things on Rev. Sharpton’s resume:

*Tawana Brawley – in 1987, Sharpton led the false rape charge made by Tawana Brawley, who claimed that she was assaulted and raped by six white men, including police officers.  It was later determined that she lied about her story. Shapton even falsely named Steven Pagones, an Assistant District Attorney in Dutchess County, as one of the rapists, and a racist, among other accusations.  Sharpton was successfully sued for slander, but refused to pay his fine.

*Crown Heights Riots – During the riot blacks looted stores, beat Jews in the street, and clashed with groups of Jews, hurling rocks and bottles at one another after Yankel Rosenbaum, a visiting student from Australia, was stabbed and killed by a member of a mob shouting “Kill the Jew.” Sharpton marched through Crown Heights, shortly after the riot, with about 400 protesters (who chanted “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “No justice, no peace!”). Sharpton went on to say “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house” and referred to Jews as “diamond merchants.”

*Freddy’s Fashion Mart murders – in addition to referring a Jewish store owner as a “white interloper,” Sharpton incited violence until one of his protesters stormed Freddy’s Fashion Mart with a pistol, burned the place down, killing 8 people.

*Kean College – in 1994, Sharpton stated to an audience “White folks was [sic] in caves while we was building empires…. We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”

*Duke Lacrosse – Sharpton once again stood by a black female who falsely claimed that 3 white Duke Lacrosse players raped her (noticing a pattern yet?).  This hoax led to the disbarment of the lead prosecutor, Mike Nifong.  This also led to the firing of the Duke Lacrosse coach and the cancellation of the 2006 season.  All three of the accused were cleared of all charges and filed lawsuits against  Duke and the city of Durham.

So, great job, MSNBC!  From a network filled with hosts who routinely rail against homophobia, anti-semitism, racism and tax-evading rich people, you’ve managed to hire a guy who’s guilty of all of them.  Oh, and by the way, good luck getting rid of Sharpton when his ratings are terrible week after week, month after month. Does MSNBC honestly think he will go quietly?  Or do you think MSNBC may get the patented “shake-down” he is so famous for?  I can hear the bull horn and see the picket lines outside of MSNBC headquarters right now.

Duke’s Grant Hill Responds to Being Called an “Uncle Tom”

16 Mar

An amazing response from Duke’s Grant Hill to Jalen Rose.  Money quote:

To hint that those who grew up in a household with a mother and father are somehow less black than those who did not is beyond ridiculous.”

“It was a sad and somewhat pathetic turn of events, therefore, to see friends narrating this interesting documentary about their moment in time and calling me a bitch and worse, calling all black players at Duke “Uncle Toms” and, to some degree, disparaging my parents for their education, work ethic and commitment to each other and to me.”



“Duke Only Recruits Uncle Toms”

10 Mar


“ESPN’s Jalen Rose appeared on First Take this morning to discuss 30 for 30’s Fab Five documentary. During the segment, ESPN producers showed a very interesting clip from the film, wherein Rose said, “For me, Duke was personal. I hated Duke. And I hated everything I felt Duke stood for. Schools like Duke didn’t recruit players like me. I felt like they only recruited black players that were Uncle Toms.”

“Mike Krzyzewski has been the Duke basketball coach since 1980.  His record is 821-223.  Duke has won 4 NCAA Championships (fifth all-time) and appeared in 10 Championship Games (second all-time) and 15 Final Fours(third all-time), while maintaining an NCAA-best .750 NCAA tournament winning percentage. Eleven players have been named the National Player of the Year, while 71 players have been drafted in the NBA Draft. In the 2008–2009 NBA season, Duke had more former players on NBA rosters than any other school. Additionally, Duke has had 55 All-Americans and 14 Academic All-Americans. Duke has won the most Atlantic Coast Conference tournament championships with 18. Duke has also won the regular season 19 times. Duke won Southern Conference championships five times. Duke finished the season ranked No. 1 in the AP poll seven times. Duke is second, behind only UCLA, in total weeks ranked as the number one team in the nation by the AP with 121 weeks. The Blue Devils have the second longest streak in the AP Top 25 in history with 200 consecutive appearances from 1996 to 2007, trailing only UCLA’s 221 consecutive polls from 1966–1980.”