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Labor unions turning on Obamacare

21 May


A piece from The Hill today says labor unions are not too happy with Obamacare.  No word yet on whether these unions are racist…stay tuned.

Months after the president’s reelection, a variety of unions are publicly balking at how the administration plans to implement the landmark law. They warn that unless there are changes, the results could be catastrophic.

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) — a 1.3 million-member labor group that twice endorsed Obama for president – is very worried about how the reform law will affect its members’ healthcare plans.

Last month, the president of the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers released a statement calling “for repeal or complete reform of the Affordable Care Act”…

…In a new op-ed published in The Hill, UFCW President Joe Hansen homed in on the president’s speech at the 2009 AFL-CIO convention. Obama at the time said union members could keep their insurance under the law, but Hansen writes “that the president’s statement to labor in 2009 is simply not true for millions of workers.”



Unions require photo ID for elections; Democrats want no photo ID for state and national elections

13 Dec

Isn’t this picture great?  Union members are required to show a photo ID before being allowed to vote in elections like in the recent shakedown of Boeing.

We always hear how unfair and racist it is to ask that Americans show a photo ID before being allowed to vote in state and national elections.  Democrats have been outraged at any attempt to implement voter-ID laws across the country for years.  Attorney General Eric Holder is even giving a speech today in Texas supporting the rejection of voter-ID laws.  The NAACP is showing their strong opposition to voter-ID laws by taking the matter to the U.N. (for some reason) calling it “a tidal wave of assaults on the right to vote.”

From Newsbusters:

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) has given 99% of its campaign money to Democrats (according to, citing

Yet the IAM in the instance photographed required a photo ID of all who wished to vote in a contract ratification election. From the looks of the professionally made sign, the photo-ID requirement in the union’s elections would appear to be far from an isolated instance. Gosh, I wonder why?

Doug Ross nails it:

In America, one needs an ID to vote in a union election, buy liquor, drive a car, board an airplane, use a credit card and a slew of other things in our society. Yet, the Democratic party refuses to back the idea of requiring an ID to vote in state and federal elections under any circumstances. A sensible voter ID law that respects the rights of the poor, elderly, and minorities is a great idea. What are Democrats afraid of? You connect the dots.

Is it possible for Democrats to be bigger hypocrites?

Pelosi thinks Boeing plant should be shut down if it doesn’t unionize

1 Nov


This is THE reason that you should never vote for a Democrat.  Period.  Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was asked a question by Maria Bartiromo about the role of government in business expansion. Should agencies like the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) have the authority to shut down private-sector plants simply for not being unionized? Her response?  “Yes.”

In an interview late last week, House Minority Leaeder Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told CNBC that Boeing should either unionize its production facilities in South Carolina, or shut them down entirely.

“Do you think it’s right that Boeing has to close down that plant in South Carolina because it’s non union?” asked host Maria Bartiromo. Pelosi’s reply: “Yes.”

The minority leader quickly added that she would rather it simply unionize and stay open. But barring unionization, by Pelosi’s reasoning, it should simply shut down.

Even though the workers at the South Carolina plant voted 199-68 to decertify their union, Pelosi think that they should be punished:

 Pelosi may or may not know that workers at the South Carolina plant in question voted resoundingly (199-68) to decertify their union two years ago. Government policies that would close the plant for being a non-union shop would simply be punishing those workers for exercising their right to determine union representation for themselves.

This is yet another example of an arrogant liberal who thinks it’s her role to make decisions that affect the lives of Americans, rather than letting them decide for themselves.  The workers at this plant decided overwhelmingly that they did not want to be unionized.  Now Pelosi and the Democrats want to punish them by shutting them down.  Can you imagine the reaction of Democrats and the liberal media if John Boehner said on national television that he thought the government should shut down a plant specifically because they tried to unionize their employees?  Their hair would be on fire and calls for him to step down would happen instantly.

It just further proves the point that Democrats don’t care about jobs unless they are jobs in sectors that support Democrats.  The message is clear…if you don’t unionize or try to diminish the power of existing unions, the Democrats will come after you.


Obama Sure Does Love Thugs

14 Sep




The clip above happened when a reporter went to get a statement from the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) regarding the recent dust-up last Thursday over a labor dispute, in which the union thugs did what they do:

“Hundreds of Longshoremen stormed the Port of Longview early Thursday, overpowered and held security guards, damaged railroad cars, and dumped grain that is the center of a labor dispute, said Longview Police Chief Jim Duscha.

Six guards were held hostage for a couple of hours after 500 or more Longshoremen broke down gates about 4:30 a.m. and smashed windows in the guard shack, he said.”

Hostages.  Hmmm.  Why does that sound familiar?

The ILWU is part of the AFL-CIO.  Richard Trumpka is the President of the AFL-CIO and was the special guest of President Obama for his “jobs speech” last week.  Trumpka had the honor of sitting with the First Lady.

The same Richard Trumpka wrote a tribute essay on 9/11 that has to be read to be believed, stating:

“Wealthy CEOs, anti-government extremist front groups and frothing talk show hosts—from the Rush Limbaughs and Glenn Becks to the Koch brothers, Karl Rove’s American Crossroads group, Americans for Prosperity, the Club for Growth, FreedomWorks and the American Legislative Exchange Council—also pushed open the door to hate.

Make no mistake—setting workers against workers is a highly profitable endeavor. How many times during the vilest state attacks on public workers did we hear the question: “Other people don’t have pensions. Why should he?” Prompting that question required twisting the American psyche—which, by its founding nature, seeks to lift the common good. The appropriate question should have been, “Why doesn’t everybody have a pension?” followed by collective action for retirement security.

We’ve seen the costs of hatred in ill-thought wars, in shameful attacks on immigrants and our LGBT neighbors. We saw it in the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. We saw it in the racism that has found overt and covert expression since Barack Obama began his run for office—from outright declarations of people who said out loud they would never vote for a black man to the ridiculously persistent obsession with our president’s birth certificate. Regardless of his policies or priorities, President Obama is shadowed by the drumbeat of suspicion based on his “other”-ness. And those suspicions are fed and watered constantly by forces that were threatened by his message of “hope and change.”

The head honcho in charge of a band of union goons has the nerve to call out others for perceived hate and attacks? Wow!  If a Republican was as closely tied to a group as violent and dangerous as these unions have show themselves to be, there would be outrage among elected Democrats and their accomplices in the media.  I’m afraid it’s going to take something very bad happening before anyone in the media holds Democrats accountable for being in bed with these thugs.

More here.  And here.

All of this is getting my excited for the Day of Rage planned for this weekend!  It should be a hoot!







One Thing is Clear, it is Not About the Children Anymore

14 Sep


It’s all about the kids.  Right?  Wrong.  Teachers in Tacoma, WA are illegally striking over pay, class sizes and the way teachers are transferred and reassigned.  The teachers of this district are best paid teachers in their county, and fifth highest-paid among the state’s largest districts.

Thousands of students in Washington state’s third-largest school district will be spending a second day out of class as school officials seek a court order to force hundreds of striking teachers back to work.”

“A Superior Court hearing has been scheduled at 9 a.m. Wednesday on the Tacoma School District’s request for an injunction to order nearly 1,900 teachers back to work. The district’s lawyers contend that public employees cannot legally strike under state law.”

“The district has canceled Wednesday classes for Tacoma’s 28,000 students. In Washington state, only the Seattle and Spokane school districts are larger.

Teachers hit the picket lines Tuesday after voting overwhelmingly Monday night to strike over issues that include teacher pay, class size and the way the district’s teachers are transferred and reassigned. Tacoma teachers had been working without a contract since school started Sept. 1.”

“Tacoma teachers earned an average salary of $63,793 during the last school year, according to the district. They are the best-paid teachers in Pierce County and about the fifth-highest paid among the state’s largest districts..”

“The district said it has also offered to keep class size maximums at the current level. The union wants to decrease class sizes, but the district says subtracting one child per class could cost the district about $1.8 million a year.”

I think of these stories every time I hear a Democrat say we need to spend more on education.  It’s not the kids they are worried about.  It’s the teachers unions that matter most.  Kids don’t donate to Democrats.  Kids don’t have a portion of their pay checks go to union dues that end up in the campaign coffers of Democrats.  Democrats want money spent on education so that as many teachers as possible stay employed so that the money keeps flowing.

Follow the money:  you pay taxes, the government spends money on “education” that ends up keeping teachers employed and new ones hired, teacher pays union dues, teachers’ unions give all the money to Democrats, Democrats spend it on their reelection.  So, in essence, we are all funding Democrat campaigns, whether we like it or not.

Union-Backed Democrat Still Won’t Concede in Wisconsin

12 Apr

Only to a Democrat does this make sense.  When the Democrat JoAnne Kloppenburg had a razor-thin lead of only 200 votes over here Republican challenger (and incumbent), Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, she had no problem going on television declaring victory.  But after it was discovered that a mistake was made during the counting of the votes, giving Prosser a 7300 vote lead, she will not concede.

Kloppenburg declared victory the day after the election, based on unofficial results that showed her with a razor-thin 204-vote lead. But the very next day, Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said she had failed to report more than 14,000 votes, which flipped the outcome of the race in Prosser’s favor by about 7,500.

More from Hot Air.

Gov. Chris Christie vs. Entitlement Mentality

29 Mar


Rush Limbaugh chimed in on his show:

RUSH:  Last night in Trenton, New Jersey, Chris Christie appeared on the radio, Ask the Governor show, and he spoke with a caller Penny in Blackwood.  She said, “I would like to know why you want to take at least 13% out of state employees’ pay for health care.  Between what my husband and I make, you’re talking about $600 a month out of our money which is gonna cut into our food and our other bills.  How do you expect us to live, governor?”

CHRISTIE:  How I expect you to live, Penny, is you’re gonna have to pick a different health plan that’s not nearly as rich as the one you’re getting now.  That’s how.

PENNY:  Either that or you’re force us to not have any health care.

CHRISTIE:  No, I’m not gonna force you to not have any health care.  I don’t think that means forcing you to go without health care.  But what it means is we can no longer afford to pay 90 plus percent of the cost of your health care.  Public workers are getting their health insurance paid for out of your property taxes, and state workers are getting their health insurance paid for out of your income taxes.  If I’m $67 billion in debt and you don’t want me to take any more money out of your paycheck, how am I supposed to pay for it?  Am I supposed to just raise taxes?  Because if I raise taxes you’re gonna pay more taxes, and if your property taxes go up, you’re going to pay more taxes.  I mean the money’s gotta come from somewhere.  We can’t print it.

The sense of entitlement from public employee unions is amazing.  They can’t believe that someone actually expects them to pay for their own health care.  How dare they?  The government (taxpayers) pays for over 90% of their health care and it’s still not enough.

Chris Christie explains how teachers are claiming that by asking them (of all people) to pay 1 ½% of their salary to pay for their health benefits is “the greatest assault on public education in the history of New Jersey.”