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Michelle Obama = 1%. Just Wait Until #OWS Hears About This!

17 Feb

Want your picture taken with First Lady Michelle Obama?  You got 5 grand?

The first lady is doing two events in town, a panel discussion with representatives from the left-leaning Emily’s ListNARAL and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health at the Institute of Contemporary Arton March 9. A ticket to that event can be had for the bargain basement price of $500.

But the “formal dinner and photo opportunity” with Mrs. O that follows is the big ticket item: $5,000 a head (or $2,500 for preferred seating and no pic).

Now you may recall that Michelle’s hubby blew through Boston last spring and did a pack of Kodak moments for $10,000 a pop. And back in March 2010, a similar Barack photo shoot went for $15,000. Leading us to wonder: Do the falling prices reflect the prez’s poll numbers????

I’m sure that the OWS protesters will be proud!  Nothing screams 99% like charging common folks $5,000 to take a picture with you.  But, to be fair, with the economy booming like it is, what’s $5,000?  I’m sure that all the unemployed people will find that doable.  Who knows, maybe Obama will call for a tax on millionaires to subsidize pictures with Michelle.  Who’d be surprised?




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30 Nov


There is NO middle ground.