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Liberal Talk Show Host Calls for the Return of the “Fairness Doctrine”

25 Mar

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Liberal talk show host, Ed Schultz, calls for socialist takeover of the airwaves.  Old Ed has resented Rush Limbaugh for years and would love nothing more than to have Rush shut down by the government.  He and other liberals can’t compete with Rush, so they want to level the playing field by bringing Rush down.

Mr. Schultz stated on his show on Tuesday:

“And so, I think that, you know, hell, if we’re going to be socialist, let’s be socialist all across the board.”

It’s hard to believe how many Liberals think that just because they suck at something, no one else should be allowed to succeed at it.  Ed Schultz has almost no audience and clearly has no talent, so he wants Obama and Congress to step in and equal things out a bit.