Democrat NY Governor Earmarks Almost $800K for Two Double-Wide Trailers for Conjugal Visits at Prison

23 Mar

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=trailer+home&iid=251406″ src=”0247/c6c39082-6aa5-4dd6-bc08-eb518b075f33.jpg?adImageId=11611460&imageId=251406″ width=”500″ height=”337″ /]

Governor David Paterson (D-NY) want to spend nearly $800,000 on two double-wide trailers for conjugal visits for prisoners.

“New York currently faces a $9 billion deficit.   Paterson has proposed cutting aid to schools and hospitals, closing state parks and historic sites and delaying residents’ income tax refunds to plug the hole.”

And people wonder how our country got into the economic mess we are currently experiencing.  It’s due to dangerous politicians like Governor Paterson of NY that have no problem whatsoever spending other people’s money.

This guy should be ran out of the state immediately!

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