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Funding Failure: Fannie & Freddie Execs Paid Millions in Bonuses

4 Apr

From Hot Air (emphasis mine):

If any organization should see a big restriction in executive compensation, it should be the government-seized, taxpayer-rescued Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Congress has expanded the bailout of the two GSEs at the heart of the global economic collapse a number of times, with the potential cost to the Treasury estimated as high as $363 billion dollars.  Recall, too, that the Obama administration created a “pay czar” to regulate executive compensation at private-sector banks that took TARP money to discourage excessive compensation.  As the Wall Street Journal reported last week, the White House seems to care less about that issue in the public sector:

A federal watchdog criticized federal regulators’ oversight of executive pay packages for top officials at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in a report published Thursday.

The top six executives at the mortgage giants earned $35 million in the last two years, according to the report from the inspector general of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which regulates the mortgage giants.

The Obama administration felt it necessary to create a “pay czar” to monitor the pay and bonuses of executives in the private sector who took TARP money to “discourage excessive compensation,” but have no problem with “excessive compensation” at government-funded organizations like Fannie and Freddie.

Hypocrisy on parade.


Libya vs. Iraq (This is Awesome!)

25 Mar

Glenn Beck on Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

25 Mar

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“Kinetic Military Action,” Not a War

24 Mar






From the same administration that gave us such goodies as “overseas contingency operations,” formerly known as “global war on terror” and “man-caused disasters,” formerly known as “terrorism,” we get a brand new term for “war.”  It appears that when Obama takes us to war, it is known as a “kinetic military action.”  Whew!  Thank goodness!  I’m sure glad to know that launching over 100 Tomahawk missiles and using B-2 Stealth Bombers to launch airstrikes on a country in the Middle East is no longer considered “war.”  I’m sure that future Republican presidents will be glad to know that it is no longer considered “war” to do such a thing and will sleep better at night knowing that they will get cover from the media, as Obama is, for taking similar action in the future.

Oddly , these never quite caught on.  As it happens, people recognize terrorism as something a little more specific than a “man caused disaster,” and the threat from al-Qaeda and other terrorist networks as more dangerous than a generic “contingency.”  Similarly, when one nation sends its military to attack the military of another nation, it’s an act of war, not an example of kinetic energy.”

Also worth noting, the cost of the “kinetic military action” in Libya is estimated to be nearly $1 billion.

CNN’s Kurtz Wonders Where the Media Skepticism Went

21 Mar

As U.S. warplanes hit Libyan targets for a second day, CNN’s Howard Kurtz wonders where the liberal media’s skepticism has gone. (psst….Howard, there is a Democrat President now. It is not the liberal media’s job to criticize Democrat Presidents)