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“Journalists” Threaten to Quit if Koch Brothers Purchase LA Times Newspaper

1 May


With fears that the LA Times could be sold to the Koch brothers, “journalists” there are threatening to quit.

As Tribune Co. emerges from a four-year bankruptcy, the predominantly Democratic city is quivering at the rumor that libertarian billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch may be interested in buying the LA Times. The brothers are believed to be the only group prepared to buy all eight Tribune papers, including the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel and Hartford Courant, as a package — how Tribune would like to sell them.

Good points made here by Allahpundit of Hot Air:

After Meyerson’s piece came out last week, I tweeted it as evidence that the great conservative dream of buying up big-name liberal media outlets and making them more objective had a fatal flaw, namely that the reporters themselves would never tolerate it. Some will walk, others will stay on and defy warnings from the top not to tilt left and then dare ownership to fire them, knowing that martyrdom from the rest of the media awaits. Ace countered that Fox News proves that’s not true: Surely there are plenty of liberals working there, however grudgingly, in the name of collecting a paycheck in a highly competitive industry. They’ll put money over ideology if push comes to shove. Maybe, but Fox isn’t an exact analogue. Fox started from scratch as a conservative network; the Kochs buying the Times would be an invasion of liberal territory, a takeover of a once-eminent serious newspaper. It would threaten the left in a way that building a conservative media outlet from the ground up wouldn’t. Choosing to work for it would, at least at first, be seen by some leftist media types as tantamount to crossing a picket line.

The Newspaper Guild issued a statement that has to be read to be believed: (emphasis mine)

Recently you’ve seen many petitions asking that the Koch brothers not be allowed to buy the Tribune Company’s newspapers. We understand why the Kochs breed this distrust. They are active political proponents of harsh right-wing positions. We’re also not certain that Tribune will listen to anything but money when the final decision is made.

What we do know is that great papers publish credible, trusted journalism online and on the printed page. Whoever comes to own these mastheads needs to understand that protecting newsrooms from ideological taint is no small thing. The future of American journalism depends on the ability to print truth, not opinion.

We call on Tribune to make a pledge that they’ll only sell to a buyer that will protect the objectivity of the news product by making a public commitment to doing so. The Newspaper Guild-CWA and the Communications Workers of America seek your support in this goal.

Yeah, it would be a shame if the LA Times went from being proponents of harsh left-wing positions to proponents of harsh right-wing positions.  I guess the “ideological taint” in their newsroom is cool as long as the taint is left-wing.


Gas Price Hypocrisy. You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

1 Mar


I learned long ago that the media is not interested in credibility.  They criticized President Bush every single time the unemployment rate jumped and the gas price spiked.  They now give Obama a pass for exactly the same thing.    It does not matter to them that they look like complete fools in the process.  They ran story after story about the perils of unemployment and rising gas prices when Bush was President.  Now, with unemployment much higher and gas prices that have doubled since Obama took office, they do stories about the advantages of these once perilous things.  For example, back in 2009, the LA Times had probably the most embarrassing news story that I’ve ever read.  The focus of the story was the “funemployed.”  Funemployed!  Can you imagine any news outlet running a story about how much fun people were having while being unemployed while Bush was President?   Here are a few gems from the article:

  • Michael Van Gorkom was laid off by Yahoo in late April. He didn’t panic. He didn’t rush off to a therapist. Instead, the 33-year-old Santa Monica resident discovered that being jobless “kind of settled nicely”…
  • Every week since: “I’m going to go to the beach and enjoy some margaritas”…
  • What most people would call unemployment, Van Gorkom embraced as “funemployment”…
  • While millions of Americans struggle to find work as they face foreclosures and bankruptcy, others have found a silver lining in the economic meltdown. These happily jobless tend to be single and in their 20s and 30s…
  • They travel on the cheap for weeks. They head back to school or volunteer at the neighborhood soup kitchen. And at least till the bank account dries up, they’re content living for today…
  • “I feel like I’ve been given a gift of time and clarity,” said Aubrey Howell, 29, of Franklin, Tenn., who was laid off from her job as a tea shop manager in April. After sleeping in late and visiting family in Florida, she recently mused on Twitter: “Unemployment or funemployment?”…
  • “Funemployment road trip to Portland.” “Funemployment is great for catching up on reading!” “Averaging 3 rounds of golf a week plus hockey and bball. who needs work?”…

Is that not the most ridiculous thing that you’ve ever read?  Particularly after what we saw from the media during the Bush Presidency?

Now back to gas prices.  This video is a good compilation of Democrats and the Democrat Media in their own words.  Don’t let the short beginning discourage you…it is only :30 long.  It is worth it.  The hypocrisy is staggering.



Obama ’08: $4 a Gallon Gas Prices Due to Failed Energy Policies

22 Feb


Obama 2012:  High gas prices are a sign of “progress.”  When you read this, think about the hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars that have been wasted on now bankrupt solar companies by the Obama administration that were supposedly the “future” of energy in our country.

When gas prices hit $4 a gallon in 2008, candidate Barack Obama said it was due to previous failed energy policies. Now that prices are heading still higher, President Obama calls it progress.”

Already, pump prices are higher than they’ve been in previous years, suggesting they will top $4 soon and possibly reach an unprecedented $5 this summer.

“Progress” isn’t exactly how Obama described the country’s energy picture in 2008, when gas prices were closing in on $4 a gallon. Then, it was a clear sign of “Washington’s failure to lead on energy,” which was “turning the middle-class squeeze into a devastating vise-grip for millions of Americans.”

In August that year, he declared rising energy costs to be “one of the most dangerous and urgent threats this nation has ever faced” and that gas prices “are wiping out paychecks and straining businesses.”

When President Bush announced plans in 2008 to lift the moratorium on offshore drilling, Obama dismissed it, saying “it would merely prolong the failed energy policies we have seen from Washington for 30 years.”

“Offshore drilling,” he said, “would not lower gas prices today, it would not lower gas prices next year and it would not lower gas prices five years from now.”

In a big energy speech he gave in August 2008, Obama argued that “if we opened up and drilled on every single square inch of our land and our shores, we would still find only 3% of the world’s oil reserves.”

And while in office, Obama’s done everything he can to limit production — slow-walking offshore permits, killing the Keystone XL pipeline, making it even harder to get oil out of federal lands.

Instead of aggressively expanding oil production, he offered a set of ridiculous alternatives — hugely wasteful “green” energy subsidies, a call for a million electric cars by 2014 and costly fuel economy mandates that won’t make a dent in consumption for decades.

With gas prices up 93% since Obama took office, we’re seeing just how well this approach works.


1 Dec


An interesting piece here by Jen Engel titled “Why the heck do we hate Tim Tebow?”

What if Tim Tebow were a Muslim?

Imagine for a second, the Denver Broncos quarterback is a devout follower of Islam, sincere and principled in his beliefs and thus bowed toward Mecca to celebrate touchdowns. Now imagine if Detroit Lions players Stephen Tulloch and Tony Scheffler mockingly bowed toward Mecca, too, after tackling him for a loss or scoring a touchdown, just like what happened Sunday.

I know what would happen. All hell would break loose…

…We have become so enamored of politically correct dogma that we protect every minority from even the slightest blush of insensitivity while letting the very institutions that the majority holds dear to be ridiculed. And this defense that Tebow invites such scrutiny with his willingness to publicly live as he privately believes calls into question what exactly it is we value…

…I could not figure out what was causing this onslaught of venom for a guy almost everybody claims to like, and I finally decided it is more about us. He makes us uncomfortable. He is a reminder that the blue-red, liberal-conservative fight over taking God out of everyday life is intellectually dishonest. He is too good…

…The only one who looks good in all this — maybe too good for some — is Tebow.





Time to play “Guess that party” with NY Times

1 Nov


Timothy P. Carney has a piece out today title “NY Times pretends Corzine isn’t a Dem. Obama donor.”  In it he details the NY Times’ coverage of Jon Corzine, whose financial recently filed for bankruptcy.  In their piece, the NY Times’ Joe Nocera states: “The idea that Corzine, who single-handedly destroyed MF Global Holdings, was in a position to command so much as a penny in severance is horrifying….”

Timothy Carney wonders what happened to Corzine’s political affiliation:

“What caught my eye was one word that never appeared in Nocera’s column. I’ll give you a hint: it begins with (D). Also left out of Nocera’s piece, Jon Corzine this election has given the maximum to the Democratic National Committee (and thus to Obama’s reelection). But it’s not Nocera that’s omitting these relevant facts — it’s nearly the whole New York Times.

I found 10 articles on the Times website with the words “MF Global” since it announced bankruptcy yesterday. Some numbers:

    • Only 5 of 10 NYT articles mentioning MF Global mentioned Corzine
    • Only 1 of 5 NYT articles mentioning MF Global & Corzine used the word “Democrat”
    • 0 of 5 NYT articles mentioning MF Global & Corzine mentioned that he’s $30,800 donor to Obama’s DNC

Do you think the Times would omit these facts if a former Republican Senator and Governor and maximum RNC donor ran a huge financial firm into bankruptcy?”

If Corzine was a Republican who’d given over $30,000 to the Republican president and the RNC, the NY Times would have called him a Republican in the title of the piece and it would have been mentioned a dozen times throughout the story.  At the end, they would have probably added “did I mention he is a Republican?” just for good measure.

Congressional Black Caucus Not a Fan of the Tea Party

31 Aug


The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is officially a joke.  They are desperate and pathetic.  People who stoop to this level are admitting that they have lost the debate.   Furthermore, what they are doing is dangerous and they know it.  And where is Mr. Civility?  Hmmm?  If Obama disagreed with what the CBC was saying or if he wanted them to tone it down, he would give another national speech condemning this kind of language and call for everyone to stop this nonsense.  But he hasn’t said a word, nor will he.  Obama knows as much as the CBC does that he’s in big trouble politically.  Support for him is dropping, big time.  So, Democrats, led by the CBC and quietly encouraged by Obama, plan to call millions of Americans, who want to put a stop to this out-of-control spending taking place in Washington D.C., racists from now until the elections next year.

Let me ask a question.  We hear all the time about the crazies in the Tea Party, but I ask you, which group sounds crazier?

A.  Tea Party – who wants to reduce out-of-control government spending, reduce our national debt and federal budget deficit and lower taxes.

B.  Congressional Black Caucus – who thinks the Tea Party wants to do all of these things simply because a black man is President.  The CBC also claims that Republican members of Congress see black people as “second class citizens” and would like to see them “hanging on a tree.”  They’ve even thrown in some Jim Crow comparisons for good measure.

So, let’s see here.  One group sees the trillions of dollars in national debt, an ever-growing entitlement system and a federal government that seems only interested in kicking the can down the road, and wants to put a stop to it.  The other group could care less about our debt, deficit spending, unsustainable entitlements, unemployment, struggling economy or the impact it will have on generations of our children.

Who are the crazy ones here?

It really is amazing if you think about it.  Every single thing is the opposite of what the CBC says.  The CBC says that the Tea Party is mean, intolerant, evil, vitriolic, racists, etc.  No group in our country is as mean, nasty, hateful and intolerant as liberals.  NONE.  They want children indoctrinated from grade school through college.  They attack anyone who holds an opposing view.  They lie about naturally occurring climate in an attempt to force us to drive the kind of cars they want us to drive, eat what they want us to eat and use the lightbulbs they approve of.  Yet, somehow think they have a leg to stand on to criticize the Tea Party.

Congressional Black Caucus, stay classy!

Great piece on this topic from Verum Serum, titled “How the Media Handled “You Lie” vs You Lynch.”

Hurricane Irene = Global Warming?

29 Aug

Not to anyone’s surprise, the liberal media happily ran with the “Hurricane Irene = Global Warming” theme this week:

1.  From The Daily Beast,  “Irene’s got a middle name, and it’s Global Warming.”

2.  From Climate Central, “is this weather disaster caused by climate change?”

3.  From the NY Times, “are hurricanes getting worse because of human-induced climate change?”

And finally, on a different note, from the climate expert Al Gore, who this week compared the struggle against climate skeptics to the fight against racism during the civil rights movement.

When racist comments would come up in the course of conversations, “There came a time when people said, ‘Hey man, why do you talk that way? That’s wrong, I don’t go for that, so don’t talk that way around me. I just don’t believe that.'”

So, if you don’t believe in “man-made global warming,” you are no different than those in the sixties that were trying to hang on to segregation and racism.  Wow.  I’d say that we are only skeptical because of hacks like Al Gore and his liberal “scientists” who have been caught fabricating data to get the results that support the conclusions they are looking for.