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Time to play “Guess that party” with NY Times

1 Nov


Timothy P. Carney has a piece out today title “NY Times pretends Corzine isn’t a Dem. Obama donor.”  In it he details the NY Times’ coverage of Jon Corzine, whose financial recently filed for bankruptcy.  In their piece, the NY Times’ Joe Nocera states: “The idea that Corzine, who single-handedly destroyed MF Global Holdings, was in a position to command so much as a penny in severance is horrifying….”

Timothy Carney wonders what happened to Corzine’s political affiliation:

“What caught my eye was one word that never appeared in Nocera’s column. I’ll give you a hint: it begins with (D). Also left out of Nocera’s piece, Jon Corzine this election has given the maximum to the Democratic National Committee (and thus to Obama’s reelection). But it’s not Nocera that’s omitting these relevant facts — it’s nearly the whole New York Times.

I found 10 articles on the Times website with the words “MF Global” since it announced bankruptcy yesterday. Some numbers:

    • Only 5 of 10 NYT articles mentioning MF Global mentioned Corzine
    • Only 1 of 5 NYT articles mentioning MF Global & Corzine used the word “Democrat”
    • 0 of 5 NYT articles mentioning MF Global & Corzine mentioned that he’s $30,800 donor to Obama’s DNC

Do you think the Times would omit these facts if a former Republican Senator and Governor and maximum RNC donor ran a huge financial firm into bankruptcy?”

If Corzine was a Republican who’d given over $30,000 to the Republican president and the RNC, the NY Times would have called him a Republican in the title of the piece and it would have been mentioned a dozen times throughout the story.  At the end, they would have probably added “did I mention he is a Republican?” just for good measure.