“Voters are Stupid”

19 Mar


Last week a CBS/New York Times poll showed that Obama’s approval rating hit its lowest level ever at 41%.  The very next day – right on cue – the Politico ran a piece titled “How Much do Voters Know?”  Apparently they wanted to make sure that everyone knew that it was stupid voters, not Obama’s performance as President, that led to his lowest approval rating ever.  One example they pointed out was voters’ ignorance on Obama’s handling of gas prices:

For voters to disapprove of Obama’s energy and economic policies may be completely rational. But to reassess a president’s performance in the context of a short-term increase in gas prices is more of a tantrum-like response to a new feeling of discomfort over which the president has relatively little control.

What he failed to mention was that the voters are probably stupid about this because elected Democrats, and media outlets like Politico, blasted the Bush administration for failing to do something about rising gas prices every time they went up.  Democrats, both elected and in the media, did not mind that Bush and Republicans were being hurt politically by rising gas prices, so they did not bother mentioning that there is very little that a President can do to affect global gas prices.   I think the expression goes you’ve made your bed, now lie in it.

Watch this video of Politco’s editor John Harris.  He makes it very clear that he thinks that “voters are stupid.”  Especially if they are making Obama look bad.


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