Tim Tebow, “S-T-F-U”! Liberal Talk Show Host Slams Tebow

16 Dec


Far left bomb-thrower and talk show host Bill Press has had enough with Tim Tebow and this whole Jesus thing.  He went on the attack on his radio show:


At the end of the clip he actually says “Tim Tebow…everybody wants to make him a hero.  I think he’s an disgrace.  I think he’s an embarrassment.”

Really?  A “disgrace” and an “embarrassment”?  I could understand him saying that he doesn’t think that his style or talents will lead to a successful NFL career or criticize his play for the first three quarters of games, but to say that he’s a disgrace and embarrassment just doesn’t make any sense.

This has everything to do with Christianity and liberals intolerance for it.  If Tebow was Muslim and was being criticized or heckled for it, Bill Press would be one of the first in line defending him against all the Christian bigots.



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