Liberal magazine Newsweek still struggling under new liberal leadership

1 Nov


After merging almost a year ago, Newsweek and The Daily Beast lost an estimated $30 million last year.  The liberals who ran Newsweek thought that by teaming up with the liberals who run The Daily Beast that they would save their beloved publication.  They thought that by bringing in new liberals to attack Republicans, as well as the values of millions of Conservatives, in a fresh new way, would surely do the trick.

That didn’t help either.

I’ve got an idea!  How about you guys at Newsweek do some actual journalism?  Why don’t you work on your journalistic credibility instead of working on your spot at the table of elected Democrats and the Washington D.C. elite?  It might also serve you well to slow down on championing every single liberal issue, while attacking Conservative issues.  While you are at it, stop making false allegations about the Tea Party being nothing more than a bunch of old, white men who can’t accept having a black man as President of the United States.  Also, you might want to accurately report on what is actually going on at the OWS protests.  All of us see what is going on and it is being reported on by Conservative media outlets.  (Again, think credibility on this one).

The obvious liberal bias at Newsweek is THE reason why I would never consider buying the magazine or subscribing to it.  Millions of other Conservative feel exactly the same way.  It says a lot that Newsweek would rather go down the tubes than have a fair magazine that would attract people across the political spectrum.


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