Hank Williams, Jr. vs Roseanne Barr: What are these major networks telling us?

11 Oct


ESPN recently broke ties with Hank Williams, Jr. over his recent remarks when he compared “Obama and House Speaker John Boehner’s golf game to a hypothetical one between Adolf Hitler and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Compare that with news that NBC has decided to give lunatic Roseanne Barr a new sitcom deal.  As Newsbusters notes, just last week, “Roseanne Barr said the wealthy should be beheaded if they don’t willingly part with some of their money.”

They go on to list more outrageous things from Roseanne Barr in the past three years:

They end by asking “what are these major networks telling us?”  Indeed!  They are telling us that as long as you are liberal and support liberal causes, you will always have a place at our networks.  If you attack Conservatives openly, even better. However, if you are a Conservative and say anything negative whatsoever about a liberal (particularly Obama), you are finished.  ESPN is no different than NBC, ABC, CBS, etc.  They are all run by liberals.  Their tolerance for attacks on Conservatives knows no bounds.

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