Racist cupcakes?

28 Sep


PajamasMedia has a piece today title “Racist Cupcakes?  Berkeley Erupts over Affirmative Action Satire,” written by a blogger who calls himself Zombie:

“The U.C. Berkeley College Republicans struck a national nerve today by holding a bake sale with racially discriminatory pricing: Higher prices for white and Asian students, lower prices for black, Hispanic and female students. Why the intentional discrimination? To protest a pending new statewide law which attempts to re-introduce Affirmative Action into university admission standards, something that was been banned years ago with California’s popular Constitutional amendment requiring race-neutral admissions.

The purposely inflammatory gag was very clever: the goal was to make everyone point out how racist the cupcake prices were, at which point the young Republicans reply, “Exactly! Racial discrimination is unfair. Thanks for making our point for us!”

As you will see from the link, the College Republicans had their cupcake prices written on poster boards.  The prices are as follows:

White/Caucasian – $2.00

Asian/Asian American – $1.50

Latino/Hispanic – $1.00

Black/African American – $0.75

Native American – $0.25

$0.25 Off for ALL Women

As you can imagine, the liberals, leftists, Communists, etc that are in large number at a university like UC Berkeley were not too happy about this.  They had their usual hate-filled comments and signs…

The link above has several pictures and a video.  I highly recommend checking it out.

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