The Community Organizer is Back!!

23 Sep


Charles Krauthammer has a piece out today titled Return of the real Obama, which could easily have been named Return of the Community Organizer.  Anyone watching or listening to Obama lately knows exactly what is going on.  He has lost Independents and is on the verge of losing his base.  He really has no choice but to veer back to the far left, his natural home.  That is why we’ve seen a sudden attack on the “rich,” with calls for them to pay their “fair share.” Class warfare is something that comes naturally to Obama and Democrats.  After all, what do you think a Community Organizer does?

Obama has proposed $1.5 trillion in new taxes, which will do nothing to improve the economy.  Nor will it be used to pay down the debt.  But, it will satisfy the most important thing to statists like Obama…”fairness.”  Of course, the definition of fairness to a statist is much different than fairness to the rest of us.  Statists like Obama want to hear nothing of how much of the tax burden already falls on the “rich” or how almost half of our country pay zero in federal income taxes.  The fact that the rich pay the most, and some pay zero is somehow “fair” to Obama.

Krauthammer states

“But what are jobs when fairness is at stake? Fairness trumps growth. Fairness trumps revenue. Fairness trumps economic logic.”

Fairness trumps everything to liberals.

“But this is more than a political calculation. It is more than just a pander to his base. It is a pander to himself: Obama is a member of his base. He believes this stuff. It is an easy and comfortable political shift for him, because it’s a shift from a phony centrism back to his social-democratic core, from positioning to authenticity.”

This is exactly right.  This is the first time since he’s been elected that we actually get to see the real Obama.  Hopefully, Obama will keep up the class warfare.  His attempts to get certain groups of people in our country to hate other groups of people (“rich”) will show people who he really is.  This is not Presidential.

Obama has a fundamental flaw that will never allow him to implement policies that would free up the private sector, allowing for businesses to grow and prosper, which could lead to further hiring.  He cannot stand the fact that some “rich” person out there is going to get richer if his business is allowed to prosper.  Obama thinks that if 50 hedge fund managers are made $29 billion dollars in one year, that has to be stopped.  As though stopping them will somehow help reduce the unemployment rate, reduce our national debt, or spur economic growth.  If it’s more important to get even with “rich” people than it is to allow those “rich” people to grow their businesses in hopes of it leading to hiring more people, then Obama is in a pickle.  Decisions, decisions.  Do I allow the economy recover or do I pander to the far-left?

What a great economic plan….punish “rich” people.  Vote for me, I’ll soak the rich!



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