Republicans Pick Up Weiner Seat in NY Special Election!

14 Sep

From the NY Times:

“A little-known Republican businessman from Queens, channeling voter discontent with President Obama into an upset, won election to Congress on Tuesday from the heavily Democratic district in New York City last represented by Anthony D. Weiner.”

Laughable spin here  from Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz:

“It’s a very difficult district for Democrats”

Sure it is.  A district in New York that has been held by a Democrat since 1923, is a “very difficult district for Democrats.” Yeah.  I hope she keeps saying this publicly.  It will make her look even more ridiculous than she already does.

I wonder if this will be a wake-up call for Democrats?  I wonder if they will encourage Obama to stop with his job-killing policies.  I wonder if they will tell their union goons to stop taking people hostage (literally).  I wonder if Democrats will realize that their repugnant, hateful speech against their political opponents is not helping them. Disagreeing with the policies of political opponenents is one thing, but calling them racists, terrorists, hostage-takers(irony anyone?) and bigots is completely ridiculous.  Not to mention saying that the Tea Party can “can go straight to hell” or that Tea Party members of Congress “want to see black people “hanging on a tree.”

I can’t imagine why Democrats are losing support of Independent voters (as well as some Democrats).   Very puzzling, indeed.  I mean, what independent-minded person doesn’t like childish, immature name-calling on the part of Democrat officials in response to their policies being rejected?


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