One Thing is Clear, it is Not About the Children Anymore

14 Sep


It’s all about the kids.  Right?  Wrong.  Teachers in Tacoma, WA are illegally striking over pay, class sizes and the way teachers are transferred and reassigned.  The teachers of this district are best paid teachers in their county, and fifth highest-paid among the state’s largest districts.

Thousands of students in Washington state’s third-largest school district will be spending a second day out of class as school officials seek a court order to force hundreds of striking teachers back to work.”

“A Superior Court hearing has been scheduled at 9 a.m. Wednesday on the Tacoma School District’s request for an injunction to order nearly 1,900 teachers back to work. The district’s lawyers contend that public employees cannot legally strike under state law.”

“The district has canceled Wednesday classes for Tacoma’s 28,000 students. In Washington state, only the Seattle and Spokane school districts are larger.

Teachers hit the picket lines Tuesday after voting overwhelmingly Monday night to strike over issues that include teacher pay, class size and the way the district’s teachers are transferred and reassigned. Tacoma teachers had been working without a contract since school started Sept. 1.”

“Tacoma teachers earned an average salary of $63,793 during the last school year, according to the district. They are the best-paid teachers in Pierce County and about the fifth-highest paid among the state’s largest districts..”

“The district said it has also offered to keep class size maximums at the current level. The union wants to decrease class sizes, but the district says subtracting one child per class could cost the district about $1.8 million a year.”

I think of these stories every time I hear a Democrat say we need to spend more on education.  It’s not the kids they are worried about.  It’s the teachers unions that matter most.  Kids don’t donate to Democrats.  Kids don’t have a portion of their pay checks go to union dues that end up in the campaign coffers of Democrats.  Democrats want money spent on education so that as many teachers as possible stay employed so that the money keeps flowing.

Follow the money:  you pay taxes, the government spends money on “education” that ends up keeping teachers employed and new ones hired, teacher pays union dues, teachers’ unions give all the money to Democrats, Democrats spend it on their reelection.  So, in essence, we are all funding Democrat campaigns, whether we like it or not.

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