Illegal Immigrants = Good. Illegal Wood = Bad

9 Sep



What am I missing here?  As we know, no one fights harder than Democrats for illegal immigrants to be able to stay in our country and receive all the benefits of American citizens.  Democrats have no interest at all at forcing illegal immigrants to go through the lawful immigration process, as many of their fellow immigrants have done.  The same people (Democrats), who are all for illegal immigrants and their families coming to our country in droves, are raiding a private company over alleged illegal wood?  Really?

Want to know what makes it even better?  The CEO of Gibson Guitars is a Republican, who’s donated to Republican candidates.  His competitor, who has NOT been raided, is a long-time contributor to Democrats.  Oh, and I’m sure that this has nothing, nothing, to do with it, but Gibson Guitars is non-union, while his competitor is union. Coincidence, I’m sure.

“It has come out that Juszkiewicz is a Republican donor, while the CEO of one of his principal competitors, C.F. Martin & Company, is a Democratic donor. Martin reportedly uses the same wood, but DOJ hasn’t raided them, leading to speculation that the Obama administration is sending a warning to Republican businessmen that they had better not oppose his re-election, lest they face criminal investigations. Normally such speculation would not be credible, but Eric Holder has politicized the Department of Justice to a point where such questions must be taken seriously. …

If nothing else, this incident illustrates the misguided priorities of the Obama administration. Harassing American businesses on frivolous grounds is not exactly what our economy needs at the moment. But the anti-business Obama administration just can’t help itself.”

Question:  How much money does illegal wood cost the American taxpayer each year?  How many welfare payments, food stamps, ER visits, school lunches and other hand-outs does illegal wood need once it’s in our country?  Hmmm?




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