Obama’s Dilemma on Jobs and the Economy

8 Sep


Finally!! Obama is giving his BIG jobs speech tonight…sound familiar?

“Obama will command a national stage to insist on borrowing even more money to try a set of policies that spectacularly failed the first time around in the hope that doing it again will somehow produce different results.  By raising expectations of a new approach and delivering the same failure repackaged as a new policy, Obama will have made the best possible argument against his re-election.”


I don’t really see a way out for Obama and Democrats, as it relates to jobs and the economy.  If Obama and Democrats were to put policies in place that would free up CEOs, small business owners and entrepreneurs, allowing them to grow their businesses, make profits and hire more workers, it could lead to those CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs getting rich!  Lord knows Democrats won’t stand for that.  Next thing you know, Obama and Democrats would be complaining about how much more the CEO or business owner makes than his employees and how it’s just not fair.

Decisions, decisions!  Think about it.  What a situation for someone like Obama to be in.  Everything about him, everything he believes in, everything he stands for, tells him to stick it to the private sector.  Pile on as much regulation, red tape and bureaucracy as possible.  But, at the same time, if he wants to be reelected, he’s going to need to do something about our dismal economy.  The policies he’s already tried (and will push for again in his BIG jobs speech tonight, as though they are new ideas) have failed to do what he promised they would do.

So, instead, Obama will just dip into his stash and give out money for projects that will temporarily employ people (hopefully until after the next election), instead of letting the private sector have a chance at create long-term, sustainable jobs, not paid for by taxpayers.  He will push for unemployment benefits and tax credits for businesses that hire new employees.  Big whoop.

If he really wanted to boost the economy and get the American people exicited about what lies ahead, he’s announce in his speech tonight that he’s going to scrap Obamacare and stop the insane, burdensome regulations put in place by government agencies, such as the EPA.

Or maybe, he could just announce his resignation.  That would be nice too.




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