Congressional Black Caucus Not a Fan of the Tea Party

31 Aug


The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is officially a joke.  They are desperate and pathetic.  People who stoop to this level are admitting that they have lost the debate.   Furthermore, what they are doing is dangerous and they know it.  And where is Mr. Civility?  Hmmm?  If Obama disagreed with what the CBC was saying or if he wanted them to tone it down, he would give another national speech condemning this kind of language and call for everyone to stop this nonsense.  But he hasn’t said a word, nor will he.  Obama knows as much as the CBC does that he’s in big trouble politically.  Support for him is dropping, big time.  So, Democrats, led by the CBC and quietly encouraged by Obama, plan to call millions of Americans, who want to put a stop to this out-of-control spending taking place in Washington D.C., racists from now until the elections next year.

Let me ask a question.  We hear all the time about the crazies in the Tea Party, but I ask you, which group sounds crazier?

A.  Tea Party – who wants to reduce out-of-control government spending, reduce our national debt and federal budget deficit and lower taxes.

B.  Congressional Black Caucus – who thinks the Tea Party wants to do all of these things simply because a black man is President.  The CBC also claims that Republican members of Congress see black people as “second class citizens” and would like to see them “hanging on a tree.”  They’ve even thrown in some Jim Crow comparisons for good measure.

So, let’s see here.  One group sees the trillions of dollars in national debt, an ever-growing entitlement system and a federal government that seems only interested in kicking the can down the road, and wants to put a stop to it.  The other group could care less about our debt, deficit spending, unsustainable entitlements, unemployment, struggling economy or the impact it will have on generations of our children.

Who are the crazy ones here?

It really is amazing if you think about it.  Every single thing is the opposite of what the CBC says.  The CBC says that the Tea Party is mean, intolerant, evil, vitriolic, racists, etc.  No group in our country is as mean, nasty, hateful and intolerant as liberals.  NONE.  They want children indoctrinated from grade school through college.  They attack anyone who holds an opposing view.  They lie about naturally occurring climate in an attempt to force us to drive the kind of cars they want us to drive, eat what they want us to eat and use the lightbulbs they approve of.  Yet, somehow think they have a leg to stand on to criticize the Tea Party.

Congressional Black Caucus, stay classy!

Great piece on this topic from Verum Serum, titled “How the Media Handled “You Lie” vs You Lynch.”


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