Is Barack Obama Dumb?

29 Aug

Politico has a piece out today titled “Is Rick Perry Dumb?”  The write “another Texas governor who drops his “g’s” and scorns elites is running for president and the whispers are the same: lightweight, incurious, instinctual.”

Can you imagine them ever asking this question about Obama?  Ha!  What exactly is it about Obama that is so smart? That he went to an Ivy League school?  So did Bush.  So did most of his appointees to his economic team that have now quit and gone in hiding.  That brilliant team put together economic policies that were supposed to keep unemployment below 8%, help the economy recover and get America back to work.  They failed.

In the book “A Students Work for C Students” the author puts forward:

“It is America’s C students that start and build most of the almost thirty million small businesses in America…and then hire A students as lawyers, accountants and others to help run those businesses. But our education system is killing the C student, teaching our A students to be risk averse, and destroying the American dream.”

Hot Air nails it.  It was the same liberal media who called Ronald Reagan an “amiable dunce.”  It is the same media who asks “is Rick Perry dumb?” while ignoring Obama’s routine gaffes like:

To name a few….

I’m sure that “smart” people like Obama have their place, it’s just not President of the United States.  If the disastrous policies that have been implemented by Obama are considered “smart,” I think we need to redefine “smart.”

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