“The Real Enemy is the Tea Party”

23 Aug

Is this all they have left?  Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) spoke to the black community at a town-hall meeting in Miami, FL, where she was joined by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), members of the Congressional Black Caucus and Jesse Jackson, among others.  Not to be outdone by the inflammatory comments last week by Rep.Waters, in which she said the Tea Party should “go straight to hell,” Rep. Wilson stated “the real enemy is the Tea Party –- let’s remember that.”

Jesse Jackson also blessed the crowd with his brilliance, stating that the Tea Party should be called “the Fort Sumter Tea Party that sought to maintain states’ rights and slavery.”  Stay classy, Jesse.

If this is a sign of what the approach of the Democrats is going to be from now until the 2012 elections, it’s going to get ridiculous.  Obama’s policies have failed, he’s out of bullets ideas (“bullets” = too violent), unemployment and the economy will not be getting better in time to help him in the next election, and he’s bleeding losing (“bleeding”= too violent too) support in all the polls.  So what’s left?

Calling Republicans racists, of course!  The Obama reelection team, along with their accomplices in the media, will have no problem making false, baseless, tired accusations of racism towards any and all Republicans.  They will also throw in other false, baseless accusations like extremists, terrorists and hostage-takers for good measure.

Hopefully, the Independent voters that the Democrats will need for Obama to win in 2012 will see all of them for who they really are:  race-baiters, who’d prefer to call their political opponents racists, in hopes that it will gin up hatred and animosity from their base,  than have an honest debate of ideas.

It’s the clearest example of projection that exists.  Democrats, and the media, constantly cry and moan about the lack of civility  or the extremism on the part of Republicans and the Tea Party, but it is the Democrats who are the ones that are to blame for the poisoning of the political discourse in our country.  They did it for 8 years to Bush and they have not stopped since.  Their only approach is class warfare, which does nothing but pit one group of people against another.  It solve no problems, it does nothing to address jobs, unemployment or the deficit.  Just pure nastiness to try to get people to think that “rich” people are the cause of our problems.

Nice job, guys!

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