Is Shooting Someone in the Head Consistent With Our Values?

9 May

It sure is fun watching liberals tie themselves in knots trying to justify shooting a terrorist in the head, while criticizing enhanced interrogation techniques (water-boarding).   When the Bush administration used water-boarding on captured terrorists to get valuable information, which may have helped lead to the killing of bin Laden, it was not consistent with American values.  But, when the Obama administration goes into a sovereign country in the dark of night and shoots a terrorist in the head, and kills many others, that IS consistent with American values?

As usual, Obama, and most liberals, don’t actually have a problem with the treatment of terrorists, whether water-boarding them or shooting them in the head, they only pretend to have a problem with it when a Republican is President so that they can use it to harm them politically.

The same goes for the anti-war crowd, feminists, and the NAACP to name a few.  They are not truly for what they say they are for.  The anti-war crowd disappears when a Democrat is President and pulling the trigger, the feminists (N.O.W.) only defend liberal women, and the NAACP only defends liberal people of color.

The hypocrisy is staggering.


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