This is NOT Your Grandfather’s Democrat Party Anymore

27 Apr

This is NOT your grandfather’s (or grandmother’s) Democrat party any more.  I don’t know what else it’s going to take for people to realize and accept what the Democrat party has become.  It has been taken over by Progressives, lead by the President of the United States.  For years, these people have been able to lie about who they really are and get away with it, for the most part.  When liberal media dominated and dictated which information was reported on, and which information was covered up, it was much easier for Progressives to go about their business of indoctrinating students at college campuses.  Ten years ago it would have been much easier to teach a class on how the U.S. flag is racist, that Capitalism is the “ultimate enemy,” and the need for all sorts of “change.”  Today it is much harder for them to get away with their anti-American, anti-capitalism, anti-freedom shenanigans.  The Conservative media is well aware of the danger Progressives represent and are doing a good job of exposing them.

Now, all you Democrats out there have a decision to make.  You continue to vote Democrat and support the Progressives that are now running the party, who are trying to “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” or you put a stop to their madness.

Recently, the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) and the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) sponsored two college courses: Introduction to Labor Studies and Labor Politics and Society, to be taught simultaneously through a video conference between to two campuses.  It is incredible that this is being taught to college kids.  “In the class, the Professors not only advocate the occasional need for violence and industrial sabotage, they outline specific tactics that can be used.”  First video:

In the second video, these professors give anecdotal examples of how they have used threats to strengthen their negotiating positions.

Two more videos here on “how the U.S. flag represents racism” and “how to defeat America in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Just a reminder, if you see the word “Peace” in any organization’s name, think Progressive.  If you see the word “Change,” think Progressive.  When you see the word “Justice,” think Progressive.  When you see stories about unions, think Progressive.  When you think “Communism/Marxism,” think Progressive.

And most importantly, if you are a Democrat, or vote for Democrats, you are supporting these people and their views.

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