“You Can’t Separate Science from Politics”

31 Mar

This is truly amazing.  It is a quick glimpse into the damage that fraudulent environmentalists in California have inflicted on a small business owner, Dwayne Whitney, and a whistle-blower professor at UCLA (who was fired for speaking out).  “New rules on diesel emissions make Dwayne Whitney’s trucks illegal to operate without enormously expensive additions, rules CARB imposed because of a study on particulates produced by Dr. Hien Tran that linked the emissions to 2000 “premature deaths” in California each year.”  Environmentalist fraudster, Dr. Hien Tran, was later exposed as a fraud when it was discovered that his PhD had come from a diploma mill, bought for $1000.


When the researcher, UCLA’s Dr. James Enstrom, blew the whistle on Tran and insisted that CARB needed to consider his work before passing the new regulation, a curious thing happened. After 34 years on the job, UCLA fired Enstrom. Why? Perhaps it has to do with the fact that two powerful CARB commissioners, Mary Nichols and John Froines, are also UCLA professors. According to Balaker, Froines voted to give Enstrom his pink slip.

Professor Robert Phalen, Co-Director of Air Pollution Health Effects Laboratory, UC-Irvine weighed in:

“we see public fears being exploited in order to maintain the funding to agencies”

Environmentalists and their policies cost more jobs and progress than any other group in our country and they need to be stopped.  If the media did its job, these people would have lost all credibility years ago.


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