Why Do Liberals Only Support War When a Democrat is in the White House?

31 Mar

Why are liberals such shameless hypocrites when it comes to war? It’s as though they don’t realize that what they’ve said during the Bush years is in print and on video for the whole world to see…forever.  We know what you’ve said in the past, and now you have the exact opposite position, solely because a Obama is President.  It’s pathetic.  And they have the nerve to call Republicans “hypocrites” and “unpatriotic” for criticizing Obama’s handling of the Libyan war.

I have only been following politics closely for about six years.  Like most people, 9/11 shook me up and later led to me paying close attention to what goes on in our country, and the world.  George W. Bush happened to be president when I started paying attention and I was always shocked at how his political opponents (liberals) attacked him mercilessly, particularly over the Iraq war.  Liberals called him every name in the book.  Idiot and war criminal were particularly popular.   Another thing that stood out was how liberals continuously claimed that “dissent was patriotic.”  A perfect example of that here:


For a while, I thought that being anti-war was just part of being a liberal.  I heard their criticisms of the war every single day for years.  I didn’t think that which party held the Presidency had any bearing on their position on the United States getting involved in war.  I just figured they would oppose it no matter who was President, Democrat or Republican.  Boy, was I wrong!  I quickly found out that most liberals are only anti-war when a Republican is in the White House.  They go on radio and TV every single day and criticize Republicans for the cost of the war, both in dollars and lives.

But, when Obama was elected, something miraculous happened.  The anti-war protests went silent (for the most part).  All of a sudden, when Obama gives the go ahead to launch over 200 Tomahawk missiles at Libya, the liberal media have become “hawkish” on war kinetic military action.


During the Bush years, liberals felt that it was their duty as Americans to dissent. This was their mantra.  Now it appears that Republicans who criticize Obama for taking our country to war in Libya are “unpatriotic” and are “siding with the terrorists.”  Ed Schultz, and other liberals, are making statement today that they would have vehemently disagreed with just a few short years ago.  They had no problems calling Republicans war criminals for invading Iraq.  They were not interested in hearing about the atrocities performed by Saddam Hussein on his own people.  They were not interested in a humanitarian war kinetic military operation to protect the lives of innocent civilians back then.  Now it seems protecting civilians is the right thing to do, no matter the cost.

But, it appears that not all liberals agree with Mr. Ed.  The Nation’s, Jeremy Scahill calls him out:


I respect people like Jeremy Scahill.  At least he is consistent and his anti-war position has not changed due to the fact that a Democrat is in the White House, unlike every host on MSNBC.  Mr. Scahill has a leg to stand on.  He is against war, in general, not based on which party holds the Presidency.

I didn’t think it was possible for MSNBC to have less credibility, but it is happening.  It started with their over-the-top cheerleading for Obama during the 2008 Presidential campaign.  Now they are dropping all previous anti-war positions and arguments proving they are nothing more than pathetic lap dogs. But, on the bright side, some day a Republican will get elected again and they will be free to jump back on the anti-war bandwagon.


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