Wisconsin Democrats: No Shame

14 Mar


Never missing an opportunity to use children as props, Wisconsin Democrats showed no shame in their latest display of “democracy.”  Every time I hear the chant “this is what democracy looks like” coming from the mouths of Democrats, who ran away from their duty as elected officials to avoid voting on a bill they disagreed with, I’m amazed.

“Democrats’ tactics in Wisconsin and Indiana are the antithesis of democracy. Democracy in a representative republic means that elections are held and representatives elected. The party with the most representatives becomes the majority and generally gets its way, a situation that Democrats found perfectly acceptable when they won the most seats. Now that Democrats no longer have the majority, they still demand to have their agenda move forward regardless of the electoral results. They are holding the democratic process hostage, and will continue to do so until everyone gives in to their demands….”

“…The same party whose members proudly proclaimed “the people have spoken” and “elections have consequences” in 2008 now refuse to hear the people or face the consequences of the last election.”

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