Obama Still Partying and Golfing

13 Mar

I wonder what the reaction would be if Bush (or any Republican) hosted a basketball party and played golf in the same week, while the Middle East is on fire, Japan is dealing with a devastating earthquake, our economy is struggling to keep its head above water, and we are still involved in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The double standard is amazing.

Bush played 24 rounds of golf in two and a half years before giving up the game.  Obama has played 32 rounds of golf in fifteen months.  Bush was a villain for amusing himself on the golf course; Obama’s a cool, self-confident hero for playing golf in the midst of the same wars and a collapsed economy.

That certainly shows a double standard, but McKinnon points out a more troubling double standard that goes more to performance on the job.  The media routinely cast Bush as a fumbler on the media stage and routinely complained about a lack of press conferences, where the reporters could ask tough questions.  McKinnon notes that Bush averaged about one press conference every two months — not exactly the most forthcoming, but certainly better than Obama’s performance.  The current President hasn’t held a formal press conference since July 2009, when he created a mess by opining on the arrest of his friend Henry “Skip” Gates in Cambridge, accusing the police of “acting stupidly.”  Ever since, the White House has avoided allowing Obama to get exposed for another goof.”


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