Liberal Bill Maher Calls Koran “A Hate-Filled Book”

13 Mar


“On Friday’s “Real Time,” host BIll Maher, in an interview with Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), called the Koran a “hate-filled book” while claiming “the threat potentially from radicalized Muslims is a unique and greater threat” than from “right-wing militias and Timothy McVeigh types.”

Republican Peter King of New York has been vilified lately for daring to hold House Homeland Security Committee hearing on the radicalization of American Muslims.  (More examples of the attacks on Peter King here)

When you consider the universal excoriation Rep. King has gotten in the past couple of weeks for holding hearings about basically this same issue, or what happens whenever any conservative makes similar points as to those Maher did Friday evening, shouldn’t media members go after Maher’s obvious “Islamophobia?”

Or will this be another instance of liberals not caring when one of their own exhibits what certainly would be considered “hate-speech” if it came from a conservative?”


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