Ask Not What Your Union Can Do For You….

28 Feb

More great examples of civility in political discourse from Democrats.  Go to the 7:32 point to see the tolerance in action.  The union thug calls a public-access reporter a “faggot” and then curiously offers to “f**k you in the ass.” Warning:  Profanity & vulgarity.


More in a piece titled “Racism and Incivility Aimed at Tea Party in Denver.”  In it you’ll find signs with terrible punctuation (being held by teachers), racist comments aimed at a black Conservative, and overall bad behavior on the part of the bused-in rent-a-mob.

Several video clips here of the black Conservative being harassed and insulted.

More here that includes a Jewish man being called a “bad Jew” because he does not support unions and therefore is not “healing the world.”

The Democrats have fully exposed themselves as to who they really are over the past two years more than any time that I can recall.  The masks are off completely.  Maybe that is why they took such a beating last November at the ballot box.  I hope that governors all over the country continue to tell these unions “you’ll get nothing and like it.”


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