Obama Loves Reagan?

1 Feb

I’m not really getting the attempts by the Democrat media to compare Obama to Reagan.  Some believe that it is nothing more than an attempt to “enhance Obama’s appeal.”  I agree.  Democrats hated Reagan and thought he was an idiot.  Now, all of a sudden, with the 2012 presidential elections right around the corner, Obama is being compared glowingly to someone the Democrats have always despised?  Nice try.  Newsbusters puts it perfectly: “Obama was riding high as the champion of the left, the promise and personification of a born-again big-government New Deal. That was then, this is the 9+% unemployment, recent-shellacking now. So with which president does Time now find it in the president’s interest to be associated? Why, Ronald Reagan, of course.”

Watch these videos and ask yourself if anything Reagan says, or stood for, reminds you of Obama (or any other Democrat for that matter).




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