You Can’t Spell ‘Demagogue’ Without ‘DEM’

25 Jan

It’s nice to see that Democrats are up to their same old tricks, which is scaring senior citizens by telling them that Republicans want to take away their Social Security and Medicare.  But, as we all know Democrats are always in search of a villain to blame.  They’ve even dusted off old cliches like:

“In an unsettling development for America’s seniors, ending Social Security and Medicare is now the official position of the Republican Party,” said Jon Summers, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

Democrats spend most of their time in search of enemies.  Some of their favorite enemies are Conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.  But they have also recently made enemies out of Karl Rove, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, John Boehner and Supreme Court Justices.  You see, to Democrats, nothing is ever their fault.  To Democrats, all of the country’s problems can be laid exclusively at the feet of Conservatives (with no proof offered). We are supposed to applaud Democrats for their intentions and never look at the results of their actions. (Mostly because the results are disastrous)

Another reason for their recent attacks on Paul Ryan comes from this excerpt:

“Democrats hope they can make Ryan’s debut on the national political stage as disastrous as the rebuttal Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) delivered in 2009. Jindal’s stilted performance, which the media skewered, immediately quieted talk of him as a presidential contender in 2012.”

The media pounced on Gov. Bobby Jindal after his SOTU response in 2009, which many feel took him out of the pool of serious presidential contenders for 2012.  No doubt, the media will try to do the same with Paul Ryan.  He’s young, attractive, well-spoken and has great command of the issues.  All of which threaten Democrats and their accomplices in the media.

Question:  When will Republicans, and Americans at large, quit worrying about what the Democrat media thinks about them?  Who cares if they don’t like Bobby Jindal or Paul Ryan?  Who would expect them to?  They should not get to decide who is a serious candidate or politician for Republicans.  If we continue to let them decide, we will continue to get moderate wimps like John McCain.  No thanks.


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