Good Riddance, Nancy Pelosi!

4 Jan

Farewell to the most liberal, most partisan and most insane disliked Speaker of the House in American history.   Hopefully, our country will be able to recover from the damage you’ve done.  Some parting words from Nancy on her way out:

(Emphasis mine)

“As we begin the 112th Congress, the number one priority of House Democrats will continue to be putting Americans to work. Each new proposal will be measured by a simple test: does it create jobs? Does it strengthen America’s middle class? And does it reduce the deficit? When our Republican colleagues put forward solutions to the problems facing Americans that meet these tests, they will find in Democrats a willing partner.”

This is amazing coming from a person, and a party, that has done nothing to create jobs, strengthen the middle class or reduce the deficit since they’ve been in power.

And finally, Nancy Pelosi used her last day as speaker to defend health care reform Obamacare, calling Republicans’ plans to repeal the law “very serious violence to the national debt and deficit.”

“If every American was very, very pleased with his or her health insurance, it still would have been necessary for us to pass the health reform care bill, because we could not sustain the system……The cost of health care, for individual families, for small businesses for corporate America, for our economy, and also for the federal budget, was unsustainable. And that’s why, this comprehensive health care reform, one of the main reasons it was necessary.”

Yeah, I’m sure that is the reason why you liberals wanted to pass Obamacare….to save money.  Like saving money is something you’ve ever cared about.

Good riddance, Nancy!



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