Eric Holder is a Joke

12 Jul

It appears that the Attorney General of the U.S., Eric Holder, is considering a second lawsuit against Arizona to combat any racial profiling that takes place when the new immigration law goes into effect.  Yep, the same law that Eric Holder said was “unfortunate” and “has the possibility of leading to racial profiling.”  This was interesting to many people since Mr. Holder admitted he hadn’t yet read the law that he was condemning and was going by what he’s read in newspapers or seen on television.

The Obama administration seems to have turned a blind eye to all of it. They are far more concerned with pandering to Latinos in hopes of getting their votes in the future than they are of being honest about the immigration bill.  Interestingly, polling data shows that Americans overwhelmingly support the AZ immigration bill.  Polls also show that a majority of Americans disapprove of the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against AZ. Additionally, numerous states are considering immigration laws similar to the AZ law.  These facts mean nothing to the tone-deaf Obama administration.

Back to Eric Holder.  You see, Mr. Holder will not stand for any racism, not on his watch.  I’m sure that is why he is going after the AZ law with such zeal. Just ask the two members of the New Black Panther Party, who were intimidating voters at a polling location in Philly in 2008.  One of the New Black Panthers has made headlines with this gem recently where he is openly advocating killing “crackers” and their babies.  Holder was so upset about this that he dismissed the charges.

So, where are we?  The Attorney General of the United States makes a statement voicing his concerns that the AZ immigration bill will lead to racial profiling, before he actually read the bill.  He is so convinced of it that he files a lawsuit.  Then we find out today that he is planning on filing a second lawsuit for good measure.  Then we have a case of actual racism, which included voter intimidation, caught on tape and he dismisses the charges.  What am I missing here?

But on the bright side for Mr. Holder, he is not the only one that looked stupid.  Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security criticized the bill….and she had not read it either!  Neither did the Spokesman for the State Department before he criticized it.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Exit question:  How exactly are sanctuary cities, like San Francisco, constitutional?


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