No Doubts About Capitalism

8 Jul

Economist Milton Friedman schools the hapless Phil Donahue on capitalism.

2 Responses to “No Doubts About Capitalism”

  1. rightinthemiddle July 11, 2010 at 9:59 am #

    great video clip, hopefully all can appreciate the wisdom & insight of someone like Friedman to take emotion out of these issues and apply logic & facts. while over his head, let’s give some credit to Donahue for not interrupting him as would happen in today’s media environment!

    on another note, i tried to watch the attorney general on face the nation this morning but could only stomach 10 minutes before turning it off. i find it to be rather insulting watching someone with such a high position in our federal government lying to us like that – he drew a big laugh from the crowd when he suggested the criminal investigation into the gulf oil spill “may or may not include BP”. really? he crushed BP’s stock price when he announced the investigation so the damage has been done, why play coy now with the media trying to insinuate that BP is not the center focus of this investigation? insulting. his comments about the lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration law were laughable as well – to contend that the federal government should never be challenged to do better at stopping illegal immigration seems to be a major suppression of our ability as Americans to stand up for what we believe is right.

  2. cdawkins July 11, 2010 at 8:02 pm #

    I agree. The attorney general is a joke. He has proven that on several occasions now. I think he should be forced to step down over having the case against the New Black Panthers dismissed. That is the most clear case of voter intimidation ever. Not to mention, it was done entirely by a couple of blatant racists. Remember last year when Eric Holder said that the U.S. was a “nation of cowards” on matters of race?

    Who is he to call anyone out on matters of race when he is ignoring one of the most racist incidents we’ve seen in a long time…and dismissing the charges? Complete idiot.

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