Damn! He’s a Muslim

4 May

MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer stated that she was “frustrated” that the Times Square bomber is a Muslim.  She said “I get frustrated…There was part of me that was hoping this was not going to be anybody with ties to any kind of Islamic country.”

She continued “But, they’re guys who are, I don’t know, isolated some ways from their families. It will be interesting when we hear what is the background of Faisal Shahzad as we are, you know, of course our NBC crews are on that and looking onto more background there. We’ll find out more. Were there failed family ties? Did he have a strong community network here in the United States? Did he feel isolated?”

What are the chances that Contessa Brewer was “hoping” it was going to be some right-wing militia member who planted the bomb at Times Square?  Also, what are the chances that she would have been concerned about his “failed family ties” or if he had a “strong community network” or felt “isolated” if it had been a right-wing militia member?  I’m guessing there is no chance she would have been concerned about family ties or feelings of isolation if the person could have been someway tied to Conservatives or Republicans.

NewsBusters has more on the story.

2 Responses to “Damn! He’s a Muslim”

  1. cdawkins May 4, 2010 at 2:21 pm #

    CNN makes excuses because they bomber’s house was foreclosed on, which led to a lot of “pressure” and “heartache.”


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