Finally…Some Violence!

27 Apr

After months of false accusations that Tea Party protests consisted of hate, bigotry and incitement of violence, the “mainstream” media finally got the violence that they were looking for….at an immigration rally in Arizona. Three people were arrested, including two for throwing bottles at police. This protest is exactly what the “mainstream” media has been wrongly accusing the Tea Party protests of being.  It had everything…angry mobs, harsh rhetoric, threats and violence.

How did the “mainstream” media report it?

*The NY Times reported it as “mostly peaceful.”

*ABC reported it as….(you guessed it) “mostly peaceful.”

*CBS reported the story from a sympathetic viewpoint, painting the illegal immigrants as victims.

*MSNBC actually had a headline that said “Law Makes it a Crime to be Illegal Immigrant” on the screen during a discussion on the topic. (Hasn’t it always been a crime to be an illegal immigrant?  Doesn’t the term illegal kind of make that clear?)

This is routinely done in the “mainstream” media.  Any left-wing protest is painted in a positive light and focuses on the legitimate outrage and concerns of the protesters. However, when Tea Party protesters are concerned about their future, along with the future of the children and our country, they are met with insults and charges of racism, bigotry and violence by the same media.  Angry signs and heated rhetoric are understandable at immigration rallies, while dangerous at Tea Party rallies.  Makes perfect sense, right?

Below is another clip from a recent immigration rally in Arizona, where an angry protester smacked a photographer in the head, then accused him of inciting violence:

What are the chances that the “mainstream” media would have reported Tea Party protests as “mostly peaceful” if they had thrown bottles at police and included multiple arrests?


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