“South Park” Finally Goes to Far

23 Apr


This is a clip of South Park, where Mickey Mouse makes fun of Christians, stating that they are “retarded” and “believe in a talking dead guy.”

Comedy Central routinely allows mockery of Christianity on South Park, but decided to bleep the name ‘Prophet Muhammad’ from a recent episode. The network decided to censor the episode after radical Islamic groups made death threats to the creators of the show, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. This surprised me, coming from a show and a network that has made fun of Christians, Christmas, Jesus, Jews, Catholics, and the Pope for years.

More on this here, which includes a clip of Sarah Silverman making making light of a Holocaust memorial last week on her show on Comedy Central (apparently it is still acceptable to mock Jews on Comedy Central).

I wonder if Obama, Democrats or the “mainstream” media will call out this Muslim group for hate speech or scold them for inciting violence?  I wonder if any members of this Muslim group qualify as an “angry mob?”  My guess is no.  They are too focused on those dangerous racists and bigots in the Tea Party to waste their time with actual death threats coming from a radical Muslim group.

I have no problem with Muslims or Islam.  People should be free to practice any religion they choose.  But I do have a problem with openly mocking one religion (Christianity), while protecting another (Islam).  It appears that from now on, Comedy Central will engage in selective bigotry.

More here.

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