Liberals Blame Mine Disaster on Tea Parties, Global Warming and Capitalism

12 Apr

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=coal+miners&iid=8478341″ src=”8/5/9/f/29_Miners_Dead_80b9.jpg?adImageId=12414673&imageId=8478341″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

After the recent coal mine disaster in West Virginia that claimed the lives of 29 coal miners, the liberal media wasted no time assigning blame.  They immediately began linking the disaster to….Tea Parties, global warming and capitalism.

I was going to break down each of these:

1.  “Crooks and Liars” links Massey Energy Company CEO to Tea Parties

2.  CBS blames the owner for denying man-made global warming

3.  Associated Press links “Big Profits” to deaths

4.  “Salon” connects mining disasters to climate change

…with links to each of the articles, but it has already been done nicely here, which includes a clip of Rush Limbaugh discussing it on his program.

Every disaster that happened during Bush’s eight years was somehow blamed on him, the government or capitalism. The “mainstream” media rarely, if ever, blamed the policies of the Clinton administration for the troubles Bush was having as president, yet everything bad happening now is immediately laid at the feet of Bush.There are sure to be more disasters while Obama is president.  How many do you think will be blamed on Obama or the government?  It just goes to show you that the buck doesn’t always stop with the president.  It matters which party the president belongs to.


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