A Trip Down Memory Lane

31 Mar

(WARNING:  Adult Language)

Remember this video when you see the “journalists” from the “mainstream” media flipping out over right-wing hate speech, dangerous rhetoric, and violence being stoked by Tea Parties.

To the liberals in the media, along with the liberal politicians, if you oppose any of Obama’s or the Democrat’s agenda you are automatically a racist, bigot, homophobe, or you are inciting violence.  No chance at all that you are actually concerned for the future of the country.  No chance that you are concerned about the government taking over car companies, banks, healthcare, and student loans.

What’s amazing is that just a few short years ago, protesting Bush was considered your patriotic duty.  Bush was called every name in the book. The same liberals in the media who are now calling out Conservatives and the Tea Party for their protests, were openly insulting Bush on a daily basis.

The double standard is glaring.  How much more credibility is the “mainstream” media willing to lose?

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