Obama Admits Healthcare Bill More Important Than Jobs

23 Mar

As we know, President Obama cancelled his planned trip to Asia to stay in DC for the health care vote.  In this video clip, Obama responds to questions from a reporter from Indonesian TV about his decision to cancel the trip. His answers are very revealing.

With unemployment at 9.7% and underemployment at 20%, according to Gallup, how can Obama say that “the most important domestic priority” in the United States is health care?

In a March survey, Gallup finds that “unemployment now stands alone as the top issue in Gallup’s latest update on the most important problem facing the country. Thirty-one percent of Americans mention jobs or unemployment, significantly more than say the economy in general (24%), healthcare (20%), or dissatisfaction with government (10%).”

Health care is the “most important domestic priority” only for Obama and Democrats.  It is not the most important priority for the rest of Americans.


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