Farrakhan Says ‘White Right’ Wants Obama ‘Assassinated’

5 Mar

Recently, extremist Louis Farrakhan stated that “The white right is trying to set Barack up to be assassinated.”

I don’t know what is scarier…how dumb Farrakhan is, or that he was speaking to an estimated 20,000 followers of the black nationalist movement on Sunday. Are there really 20,000 people who DON’T think this guy has a screw loose? Seriously? I mean, the lights are on…but nobody’s home.

This is the same Farrakhan who has stated that:
*he was once beamed up into a UFO and heard the voice of Elijah Mohamed speak to him…

*and that 6,000 years ago, an evil scientist named Yacob, a black scientist, created the white man…

*and that levees were purposefully blown up to decimate the black population in New Orleans.

Take a look at this article where Farrakhan Takes on the Breaching of the New Orleans Levees.


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